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Thank you for visiting EMPOWERTHEFLUFF.COM, the premiere platform for all things body positive, fluffly informative, motivational and entertaining. My name is Ebbi Nicole and I am the Founder and Chief FLUFFtivist of the Fluffy GRL Movement, LLC.

I truly feel that my life experiences have led me to THIS WORK.

Don't be fooled by the dazzling smile on the woman to the left. She hasn't always exuded confidence, been stylish and unapologetically flaunted her curves. In fact, for most of her life, she was very frumpy and had extremely low self esteem. She was bullied on a daily basis by her classmates for wearing glasses, being chubby and well spoken. She spent her days comparing her body to those of her thinner, more petite family members and she even began to perpetuate that self hate out loud by cracking bad fat jokes as a failed attempt to exhibit tough skin.

Just in case you were wondering who SHE was...she evolved into ME.

After years of body negativity, I went off to college and noticed that self hate was a common occurrence among young women and girls. Motivated to change the minds, hearts, bodies and esteems of the women on campus, I created Fluffy GRL. Since then, I've marked 2011 as the year that changed my life. Through my experiences and interactions, my calling emerged.

In the words of Solange,

                                                                    THIS SITE IS FOR US!

This website will serve as the digital platform to showcase the work of the Fluffy GRL Movement and to celebrate plus size and curvy women in all of our FLUFFY GLORY! From helpful Fluff Tips, to celebrity news, to body positive events...WE ARE HERE TO EDUCATE, EMPOWER & EMERGE.

Fluffs, Fluffettes, Fluff Supporters...I present to you...