Hunni Pop: 2016 Fluff Cares Ambassador

We couldn't enter 2017 without formally and publicly thanking our 2016 Fluff Cares Ambassador, Hunni Pop. Founded by Ms. Stacey Pugh in the spring of 2016, Hunni Pop is a digital platform for millennial women to connect. The space will allow diverse women to contribute information on a variety of topics. Determined to be the positive Mona Scott-Young of the millennial generation, Stacey is striving to push Hunni Pop as the IT platform to connect, collaborate, create and stay POPPIN' of course.

Fully immersed in her mission to uplift women in their professional endeavors, Ms. Stacey joined the Fluffy GRL Movement as the 1st official Fluff Cares Ambassador. As an ambassador she invested time, energy, woman power and a few coins into the execution of Fluffy GRL's first annual Fluff Cares Initiative.

The 2016 project spanned over a 6 week period and included collecting feminine hygiene products and funds to create travel size care packages for homeless women in the city of St. Louis. The original goal was to create 100 packages and thanks to the community, we exceeded that goal TWO TIMES OVER with a whooping 300 packages! Over a week's time they were distributed to four local shelters and countless women benefited and showed their gratitude from receiving the packages.

The Fluffy GRL Movement THANKS YOU Ms. Hunni...for your service, staying true to your brand and efforts to #slaythemwithmomentum. 


2017, Year of Hunni


Fluff Cares flyer and pictures below courtesy of Aja La'Starr