Summer Better Take This Mom Bod

By: Yaya


Listen, I completely embrace being a Fluffy GRL. Three years ago in the summer, you could find me by the pool or at a beach flexing my body waves. Even at 195 lbs, my shape was everything I wanted it to be. I’m talking ass fat, stomach semi flat, yall! I was my own body goals. Flash forward to it taking 20 minutes to pack up my toddler just to sit in a 5 inch deep kiddie pool and I promise you, my fluff hits differently. That super confident Fluffy GRL, in the bomb ass striped two-piece three summers ago, now wears a shapeless cover up that might as well have been a white t-shirt! I don’t hate my body. I repeat, I don’t hate my body. I just have not adjusted to this full on mom bod thing. Mind you...this is baby #2 (the snapback just didn’t quite *snap* the second go round). After telling myself that this fluffy mom bod is just what the summer is going to get I started to analyze what worked best for me in order to be comfortable (always a priority), fashionable, and versatile. Three swimsuit must haves for my mom bod for water play or poolside chill are high-waisted, support, and styling. 


High Waisted:

If you know anything about the history of the bikini, you know that it’s always been a bit of a scandal. A history changer for how we view women’s bodies and the fabric we put on it. After the bikini was introduced, it changed fashion, influenced music, and became an empowering tool for women (and men) of all shapes and sizes. A high waisted two piece, a vintage 1950’s slay  might I say, is a must have for summer. They offer many things for the curves of my mom bod to include comfortability on the hips and the coverage needed to hide some imperfections on my midsection. They are also flattering and really look good on women size 0 to 20 plus! An added bonus is that if you do a two piece, you can mix and match styles to have a new look every water session. 



Whatever your swimwear preference, support is an essential component of a good swimsuit. You should be evaluating the straps, the underwire, or the built-in portion of your suit for maximum support of your boobs. I’m a 40DD up top and have made the mistake of picking style over support in my swimsuit and had to suffer the consequence of a swimsuit malfunction. When trying on suitsuits--- do a little hop, a twist, and touch your toes as a support test. This will give you some reassurance that you are giving your boobs the support they need as well as keeping it PG at the pool. 



Biggie said it best “to all the ladies in the place with style and grace, pick a swimsuit that will turn his head and make him chase”. I mean, I made that last part up but it works! Swimwear is so versatile, that styling it is the fun part. Mix prints, go bold, and really play around with accessories. That white t-shirt that I normally dread, is a whole new look when I knot the bottom. Other styling options are bicycle shorts, colored glasses (here’s a link to my favorite rimless sunglasses in 6 different shades), mesh coverup pants, and a fanny pack. The great thing about styling is that you can make it your own and try new looks all summer long. 


As I become more comfortable with myself during the best season of the year, I’ll be playing around with my own swimwear as well as watching how other do it well. Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to spark your own creativity. Can’t wait to see you Fluffy GRLs making waves this summer!