Become Your Own Body Goals!

"Summer bodies are made in the winter." 

"Flat tummies are yummy tummies!" 

"New year, new you! Say goodbye to FAT FOREVER."

Aren't you tired of hearing this shit? Aren't you fed up with feeling like your body is the enemy? Yea, ME TOO, so let's do ourselves a favor and #becomeyourownbodygoals! The United States of America is comprised of approximately 67% women sizes 16+, yet our media is so good at their jobs that many of us believe that we are the minority. 


Growing up in a world, where white is right and thin is in, an extremely body negative culture has been created. Our kids consume it and our thoughts and actions reinforce it. So let's try something new this time around shall we? Advocate to be your own body goals. There is absolutely positively NOTHING wrong with you or your body. In a land full of roses, it is quite alright to be a sunflower, big, bright and standing tall.

This blog post was super short...on purpose. lol 

For more body posi REALNESS, watch the video below.