Summer Better Take This Mom Bod

Listen, I completely embrace being a Fluffy GRL. Three years ago in the summer, you could find me by the pool or at a beach flexing my body waves. Even at 195 lbs, my shape was everything I wanted it to be. I’m talking ass fat, stomach semi flat, yall! I was my own body goals. Flash forward to it taking 20 minutes to pack up my toddler just to sit in a 5 inch deep kiddie pool and I promise you, my fluff hits differently.

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Fluffy GRLs Do 5K Races TOO

The year I turned forty I created a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the next decade. I spent thirty-nine years of my life doing what I thought other people expected of me and it was time for a change! I was ready to take control of my own narrative. The list wasn’t necessarily a Body-Positive Manifesto, but it was a bunch of things that I was ready to stop being afraid of. It detailed everything from taking tap dancing lessons, to learning to cook, to wearing lipstick every day. But the biggest out-of-the-box item for me was that I wanted to train for a 5K race.

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Jennifer Cook Nafziger