Fluffy GRL Movement

During a conversation about body inclusivity in the media, Ebbi Nicole acknowledged the lack of body positive images and ambassadors for the plus size community. Growing up fluffy, she was well aware that the figures existed in the world but that they were seldom promoted in mainstream media due to society's perception of beauty.

Determined to challenge the status quo and publicize narratives of curvy women as bold, successful and empowered beings, she created an event called the Fluffy GRL Summit. The first summit took place on the campus of the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2012. The event was comprised of three parts; a panel of curvy women who were the face of their brand, a full scale fashion show and an expo that showcased Fluff Friendly products and services. It was so well received that a student led organization emerged to promote the mission of Fluffy GRL throughout the year. Their purpose was to host the annual Fluffy GRL Summit and serve as FLUFFtivists (fluffy activists that serve and advocate on behalf of body inclusion in community events) on campus.

Following graduation, Ebbi Nicole worked to expand the brand of Fluffy GRL to include empowering plus size and curvy women through body positive social media and programming. In 2016, the vision emerged and Fluffy GRL Movement, LLC was registered as a for-profit business.

Signature Events

Curves & Waves Pool Party

The Curves & Waves Pool Party is an annual event that celebrates body diversity, sisterhood, style and locally owned businesses in a fun and chic way. 

Promote your company at the 2019 Curves & Waves Pool Party. Click HERE to view the Sponsorship Package.


Fluff Cares Initiative

The Fluff Cares Initiative is an annual event where local businesses join the Fluffy GRL Movement in collecting sanitary products for women in transition. The event launches in October and items are collected until the first week of December. Volunteers help sort and package the items. Together we pass out the packages to women at shelters, half way homes and on the street.

Currently we are accepting inquiries from businesses and volunteers to join the 2018 Fluff Cares Team. Click HERE to sign up.